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    Customer service

    LedLife is a Finnish import, wholesale and retail company of LED lighting technology and fibre lights. We offer standard products selected with long-term experience as well as new applications. On special order, we deliver almost anything related to the industry.

    Customer service is available by phone from 12:00 to 17:00 on weekdays. You can also send a message via SMS or email.

    We also serve on weekends in case of emergency.

    The pick-up warehouse is open as needed, mainly on weekdays (Mon-Thu) between 16:30 and 20:00.

    Please contact us either by e-mail or telephone before you arrive.




    Free standard shipping
    over 100€ for purchases.

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    10620, Raseborg

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    Online store

    Do prices include VAT?

    All prices shown in the Ledlife.fi online store include VAT on 24 April 2006.

    What is the delivery time for the products?

    As a rule, deliveries leave ekenäs warehouse in 1-3 business days throughout Finland.

    I would like to order products as an individual, how do I proceed ?

    Primarily, you should place an order through our website’s online store, all the information will definitely come in correctly once you have checked them yourself. If it is difficult to use the online store for any reason, please send the corresponding information by e-mail to the info@ledlife.fi. You can also place an order by phone by calling 040-5533908. Most likely, 11:00-17:00 on working days.

    I would like to order products for our company, what do I do ?

    Primarily, you should place an order through our website’s online store, all the information will definitely come in correctly once you have checked them yourself.

    If your company has its own order form, send it or similar information by e-mail to the address info@ledlife.fi. You can also place an order by phone at 040-5533908. Most likely, 11:00-17:00 on working days.

    The company receives an appropriate invoice by e-mail and a separate paper invoice in the package. For billing customers, the primary invoice format is an invoice sent via e-mail, if specifically necessary, is sent to a paper invoice.

    If you wish to be a bill-to customer, you should contact our sales before ordering for the first order.

    I represent a school, a municipality, a government institution, a large company, etc. How does billing work?

    The invoicing department terminates the customer’s billing and credit worthiness. Once an order has been determined to be appropriate and the subscriber has the right to place an order, there is usually no obstruction of invoicing.

    In which country is your product manufactured?

    LED Series, Fiber products are manufactured in Finland, certain components of them are however made in Asia but disposal, assembly and customization are done in Finland.

    For other products, most of the country of origin is China, partly including Poland, Taiwan, Japan and the USA.

    There are products of the same eye available in several different brands. Are the products qualitatively competitive?

    Yes, they are. If we receive any complaints where the quality of the product does not meet our expectations, we will take it seriously. The product is likely to be removed from the selections after one claim.

    Do you automatically recompil products marked ''end'?

    We constantly order more products in stock but not necessarily all right away so if you need a particular product which is out of stock is worth the product availability to ensure our customer service.

    LED Information

    Basic concepts

    The benefits of LED Technology – Why choose LED lights?

    LED information – you can find everything you should know about LED lights and installation instructions for various products.

    LED bulbs are energy efficient and extremely long lasting. Do not contain mercury and ignite immediately. Although LED lights are generally more expensive than other types of lamps, it is the most affordable option in total cost due to low electrical consumption.

    Thanks to LED technology, LED bulbs pay for themselves thanks to longer service life and energy efficiency.

    Led lamp color reproduction is also significantly better.

    LED lights are definitely the greenest lighting option.

    LED Features

    LEDs are semiconductors. They do not have moving parts and no filament, as in a conventional bulb.

    The light output provided by the LEDs is good compared to the electrical energy they consume.

    Under normal conditions, LEDs are long lasting up to 100,000 hours, which corresponds to more than ten years of use.

    However, it is not a real service life than for the smallest LED components. Today, the LED is increasingly required to have higher power and other features, so optimal life expectancy is far from realistic.

    LeDs lose their light output as they get older, so it’s a good idea to avoid unnecessary use despite moderate power consumption.

    The LEDs do not heat up much compared to the incandescent lamp, so no safety distances are required for flammable materials.

    However, it should be noted that the maximum LED lights are already tens of watts of power, care must be taken to ensure that cooling works.

    High-performance strips shall be mounted on an aluminium strip or profile. Poorly glued tape or bonding to poorly heat-conducting material, such as wood or cardboard, leads to rapid damage to the tape.

    LEDs do not like hot, use only LED products in the sauna, which are specially recommended for installation in the sauna and can be easily installed for maintenance.

    The operating voltage of the LEDs is low, the only mains voltage is the power supply, which converts the 230 V mains voltage into a non-hazardous DC voltage.

    The LED cables may be installed legally by anyone, provided that the ac adapter is installed in an appropriate location according to the requirements.

    LEDs are sensitive to incorrect voltages, use only the power supplies supplied in the kits or the maximum voltages specified in the instructions.

    When installing loose leds, the use of the correct size of front resistors or the power limitation electronics must be taken into account.

    The warranty does not cover components damaged by incorrect operating voltage or connected in violation of the connection instructions.

    The most common damage to conventional ø 5 and 3 mm LEDs is mechanical: the legs of the LED should not be bent right from the root of the glass.

    For soldering jobs, it is advisable to use only soldering irons suitable for electronic work, and overheat easily destroys the LED even before switching on.
    Special care should be taken when soldering power LEDs, excess heat can easily damage the LED. The LED chip at the centre of the power leds is mechanically sensitive to damage, store the power LEDs carefully packed and avoid touching the centre with your fingers or any object.

    In case of doubt, you should contact our technical support (email: info@ledlife.fi) or submit a survey using the customer service site form.

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    Product-specific information and installation instructions

    LED Strips

    How to choose the right transformer for LED strips?

    Different models of LED strips

    How to choose the right LED tape?