Corporate sales? Resale? Wholesale?

Are you an electrical contractor, installer or are responsible for your company’s product purchases and are looking for high-quality LED products at a good price-performance ratio?

  • With our extensive cooperation network, we can offer you high-quality products at highly competitive prices.
  • We can even deliver the products directly to your customer or installation site.
  • Products in stock arrive even for the next day!
  • Our services include contract manufacturing and the implementation of various projects. Starting with the wires coming to the tapes, saving time and effort at the installation site. We assemble lighting rods with the desired configuration, length, profile type, tape power and model, etc. features required by the customer.
  • If necessary, we design the whole system or, for example, the system. we create a new tape type or other product.
  • For remarkably large batches, we have available in the Far East production machinery to carry out the project quickly. We also provide wholesale directly as factory deliveries at very competitive prices.
Can’t you find the product you need in our online store?
  • If you cannot find the product you are looking for in our online store, please contact our customer service and search for a suitable product through our cooperation network or, if the product is not found, we will manufacture the products.
  • Due to the long experience and your own import, you can offer you other electrically related products.

If you are interested, you can contact us via the form below or call our customer service directly on 040 5533908


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